Get your very own URL Shortener +Affiliate Tracking System in One!

Track Clicks, Countries, Browser, OS, Multiple Campaigns, and lot more...


Track all of your campaigns in a single admin area that generates a catch and custom short URL


Forget about complex programming, Simply order and we will setup your URL Shortener


The Custom Solution allows you to track anything, from countries, to unique clicks and sources

Enhance with API & 100’s of Addons

Short your URL + Track Anything!

From This:

To This:


• Private (your links only) or Public
(everybody can create short links, fine for an intranet)

• Sits on a Dedicated Server
• Fully Hosted Service
• No Technical knowledge is required
• Free Short TLD Domain like .ga or .ml
(example: or

• Yes, you can use your cool domain too!
• Includes FREE SSL for Domain
• Mobile Responsive FrontEnd/BackEnd
• Domain can be easily replaced
• Live in Minutes after order
• Unlimited Tracking
• Track by Country
• Track by Referral
• Track by Any custom parameter
• Awesome stats: historical click reports,
referrers tracking, visitors geo-location


Create Lots of Tracking Links in 1 step!

With our Advanced Bulk Import Tool, you simple upload a CSV File with all of the links once and system will create all of the tracking links in few secs.

Let’s set it up!

Social Share your links!

Once a shortlink has been created, you can share it straight from the AffTrackers Platform to any social media outlet like facebook, twitter, linkedin, G+, Send via Email and even a QR Code is generated!


Why a Private & Customized URL Shortener System is SO Important?

Having a Private URL Shortener allows you to do many important things like tracking all your affiliate campaigns from one place, Protecting your main domain, ensuring affiliate parameters are not lost, memorable URL and much more…


When Characters are limited in places like twitter, you can gain a lot more in your promotion message.

SMS Campaigns

when character limit plays a big part in the message, you dont want almost all available space to be used by the link


Wondering why your inboxing has been affected lately? Gmail, Yahoo & Many more Email Providers are now blocking Emails that clearly shouts Affiliate marketing with long affiliate paramters and characters


Some Affiliates play irresponsably when sending campaigns, and the sad part is that if you are doing well in your campaigns but your activity is causing problems to the affiliate programs, they can potentially ban your traffic. Again, potentially causing a loss of commissions.

Cut marketing costs by cutting number of characters

The more character you use in a message, the more you have to pay. People who use SMS marketing will know that pain. URL shortners solve this without giving up on analytics or other information put in the URL. Pro tip: When you shorten link, people consider it more trustworthy, which improves the click through rate.

Why Private URL Shortener is SO Important?

Having a Private URL Shortener allows you to do many important things like tracking all your affiliate campaigns from one place, 
Protecting your main domain, ensuring affiliate parameters are not lost, memorable URL and much more…


Simply a Really Smart Tracking!

The System allows what no other Short URL in the market allows… our smart redirection and post tracking method allows you to shortlink your links with affiliate parameters. But, Just in case you need to add an additional parameter, you can do it above the shortened URL


Multiple campaigns & different programs

The Custom URL Shortner becomes a central point to monitor tracking on several campaigns. Instead of loggin in into several affiliate programs a day just to check links, you could simply check real time tracking directly from your phone anytime with our responsive design.

Never send emails using your main domain… Short URL

When you are sending email campaigns for your own brand, email marketing operators tend to send what we call a “naked domain”
meaning that your main domain potentially can get listed and even having your main domain suspended… you really don’t want that.

Stay away form public Short URL providers…

Using public shorteners like or might give you the ability to track and shorten your link.
Unfortunatelly such public and free services are used by spammers and bad affiliates which have enlisted those domains in places like spamhaus.
So basically your shortened URL is now associated to those domains sending spam.. 

Meet your next Affiliate Tracking Platform

Here are some quick screenshots that will allow you to better understand the AffTrackers Platform! Remember, you choose the Domain Name!

 Do you still Login in to multiple Affiliate programs just to see click statistics?

One interesting case on affiliate tracking links are expired links; traffic you sent long time ago but you are not actively tracking in the affiliate programs’ interface…. with your own tracking system you can monitor current and past traffic from one single place!

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Why not having a Short URL can lead you to a SERIOUS LOSS on REVENUE…

This goes a bit more technical but has to do with cookies, redirections and cross browsers activity.. to keep it short and simple… when running a link in social media like facebook, the system will immediatly remove anything after the “?” mark loosing every affiliate parameter and you will end up sending traffic to a brand directly without your affililiate id, therefore not getting paid for any traffic you are sending. 

Also some services like SMS will remove the paramters. When it comes to SEO or Email Marketing, some email clients might cut the link by removing everything after the “?”
you could be having a great click-rate campaign but you might never know as you are simply giving it away.