TOP reasons why to use URL shortener

Custom Short URL and Affiliate Traffic Tracking System

Ever felt overwhelmed by long links with too many weird looking parameters? Or maybe you couldn’t recall this 30-character URL you wanted to share so badly? We know these pains all too well.

Also, we know the solution – URL shorteners. Yet, we do not always use them. To change that, we’ve prepared Top reasons to start using URL shorteners each time, starting from now.

Ready? Let’s hit it!

#1 Everyone prefers clean and short links

Let’s be honest, which of these links is more pleasant for your eye?


We’ll all agree that the second one is prettier and more trustworthy.
People prefer clicking on visually appealing links, especially when the links are customized.
That’s where true power of URL shorteners appear.


#2 Cut marketing costs by cutting number of characters

The more character you use in a message, the more you have to pay. People who use SMS marketing will know that pain. URL shortners solve this without giving up on analytics or other information put in the URL.
Pro tip: When you shorten link, people consider it more trustworthy, which improves the click through rate.


#3 Your social previews and thumbnails are safe

You don’t have to worry about how your shortened links will look in social media.
The Custom URL Shortener keeps the the images and descriptions from the original page.
As long as your original page displays beautifully in social media, so will the shortened links.


#4 Why Private URL Shortener is SO Important?

Having a Private URL Shortener allows you to do many important things like tracking all your affiliate campaigns from one place,Protecting your main domain, ensuring affiliate parameters are not lost, memorable URL and much more…


#5 Why Short URL increases performance?

The usage of Custom Short URL can dramatically increase your performance when you check real time statistics from a single point on several affiliate programs. Additionally, a custom Short URL can be customized to your needs.

Social Media
When Characters are limited in places like twitter, you can gain a lot more in your promotion message.

Email Marketing
Wondering why your inboxing has been affected lately? Gmail, Yahoo & Many more Email Providers are now blocking
Emails that clearly shouts Affiliate marketing with long affiliate paramters and characters in links like ” ? = and more ”

SMS Campaigns
When character limit plays a big part in the message, you dont want almost all available space to be used by the link


Some Reasons why using a short URL is better for marketing

You do not need to have your affiliate program to track linksIf you want to track your links for one single place there are few options, quite expensive….Either you setup your own affiliate program software which will require you to integrate your campaigns to get a tracker…but guess what?… still will generate a long tracking link with lots of parameters. so you paid a lot and gain not that much.

Why not having a Short URL can lead you to a serious loss on revenues..

This goes a bit more technical but has to do with cookies, redirections and cross browsers activity..
to keep it short and simple… when running a link in social media like facebook, the system will immediatly remove anything after the “?” mark
loosing every affiliate parameter and you will end up sending traffic to a brand directly without your affililiate id, therefore not getting paid for any traffic you are sending.

Also some services like SMS will remove the paramters. When it comes to SEO or Email Marketing, some email clients might cut the link by removing everything after the “?”
you could be having a great click-rate campaign but you might never know as you are simply giving it away.

Protect your Business Partners, Don’t get banned from the Affiliate Programs

Some Affiliates play irresponsibly when sending campaigns, and the sad part is that if you are doing well in your campaigns but your activity is causing problems to the affiliate programs, they can potentially ban your traffic. Again, potentially causing a loss of commissions.

Stay away form public Short URL providers…

Using public shorteners like or might give you the ability to track and shorten your link.
Unfortunatelly such public and free services are used by spammers and bad affiliates which have enlisted those domains in places like spamhaus. So basically your shortened URL is now associated to those domains sending spam..

Therefore, Having the ability to have your own URL in your own dedicated server has many technical benefits like replacing the domain when you need to. and ensuring that the domains you are using are not listed.

Spammers Use Them Too
Spammers abuse link shorteners because they mask the true URL that they redirect to.
This has caused even reputable link shorteners to become blacklisted, since link shorteners
are so often associated with spamming.

If the links you provide in your emails are blacklisted, ISPs will probably block your mail, and you’re not going to get the email delivery rates you expect.

Perfect to use on multiple campaigns from different affiliate programs

The Custom URL Shortner becomes a central point to monitor tracking on several campaigns.
Instead of loggin in into several affiliate programs a day just to check links, you could simply check real time tracking directly from your phone anytime with our responsive design.

Never send emails using your main domain… Short URL

When you are sending email campaigns for your own brand, email marketing operators tend to send what we call a “naked domain” meaning that your main domain potentially can get listed and even having your main domain suspended… you really don’t want that.