AFFTRACKERS and other platforms or frameworks

Custom Short URL and Affiliate Traffic Tracking System

  • WordPress
    There are numerous WordPress plugin with AFFTRACKERS support. AFFTRACKERS Link Creator is recommended.
  • Drupal
    Allows for the automatic creation of short urls using a AFFTRACKERS installation
  • Perl
    WWW-Shorten-AFFTRACKERS is a Perl module to shorten URLs using AFFTRACKERS
  • Ruby
    A Ruby wrapper for the AFFTRACKERS API
  • Python
    A Python client for AFFTRACKERS
  • VB .Net
    A VB .Net 4.0 wrapper for the AFFTRACKERS API
  • Javascript
    JavaScript bindings for the AFFTRACKERS API to leverage JSONP support
  • CakePHP
    Plugin which integrates CakePHP with AFFTRACKERS
    A plugin for to use AFFTRACKERS
  • Sharetronix
    A AFFTRACKERS addon for Sharetronix

AFFTRACKERS works with your favorite sofware or device

More stuff to do with AFFTRACKERS